An ongoing list of communities engaged through essays, articles, and speaking engagements rooted in theories about design, objects and emotional wellbeing. 

London, Helsinki, Cape Town, New York, Melbourne, Champaign-Urbana



Nordic Design Research Society Conference | Helsinki, Finland | Aalto University | Doctoral Consortium and Blind Reviewed Paper

International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry | Champaign-Urbana, United States | Autoethnography Session Chair and Facilitator

Design and Ethics # 3 | Melbourne, Australia | Service Design Melbourne at RMIT | Panelist


A Lookbook for Emotion-Centered Design | Tools and methods, original and curated by Matter–Mind Studio

Our Everyday Forms | Essays

A Very Feminist Zine: The Woes of Being a "Weirdo" of Colour | New York City | Essay, Time Your Own Gaze


Better World by Design | Providence, Rhode Island | Brown University and RISD | Speaker and Panelist |

2016 | Articles by Matter–Mind Studio


Core77 | New York City | Article, A Matter of Mind


The Art of Research Conference | Helsinki | Aalto University | Speaker, Material Communications

Design Indaba Conference | Cape Town | Speaker, Material Communications

Intellect Books | London | Paper, Material Communications

Cape Town, South Africa | Design Indaba Conference 2014

Cape Town, South Africa | Design Indaba Conference 2014