Myriam (Mariama) Doremy Kimiko Diatta-Ndiaye

私は日本人です。Je suis d'origine Sénégalaise, aussi. Myriam is a rookie ikebana maker, house dancer, and potter. Her personal and professional concentrations are on making and felt, bodily ways of knowing.

Myriam also is a nomadic design practitioner with touch-points in New York City and Melbourne. Myriam works with critically engaged, soft thinkers and doers that are dedicated to people's emotional well-being. While Myriam does many things, the heart of their work lies in working with people one-to-one. 

Currently, Myriam is pursuing a Ph.D. through Monash University’s faculty of Art Design & Architecture. In 2014, Myriam earned an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from The New School. She has a degree in interior design and credits in industrial design from Syracuse University.